Robinson, Edward G.
(1893-1973) a US film actor who appeared as a ↑gangster (=members of a group of violent criminals) in films such as Little Caesar (1930) and Key Largo (1948)
Robinson 2
Robinson, Jackie
(1919-72) a US ↑baseball player who was the first black person to be allowed to play in the Major Leagues
Robinson 3
Robinson, Smok|ey
(1940- )a US ↑soul singer and record ↑producer for the record company ↑Motown, of which he later became a director. He started working with his group The Miracles in 1957 and their songs include The Tracks of My Tears, and I Second That Emotion.
Robinson 4
Robinson, Sugar Ray
(1921-89) a very successful US ↑boxer who was world ↑champion in the 1940s and 1950s, first as a ↑welterweight (=boxer weighing between 63.5 and 66.5 kilos) , and then as a ↑middleweight (=boxer weighing between 70 and 72.5 kilos)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.